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>> i'm jennifer granholm. tonight in the war room, four years ago we started the new chapter in american history. tomorrow, we'll open another. it's a story that continues to hold us in awe a government of the people by the people for the people. we come from factory and farm, from foreign lands where freedom in america are seen as in exorablely linked. we are connected in all manner of ways unseen. there will come a moment tomorrow between anxious and celebration, between hope and despair where this country will do something so rare and special that history has no precedent
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against measure it. it will once again defer to the will of the people who will freely choose who they shall be governed by and our remarkable story will continue. >> the fight is as old as this country itself, the battle for that most basic right of every american, the right to vote. the most contentious battles are waged in the swing states of ohio and florida. in miami this weekend voters waited up to nine hours to cast in person absentee ballots only to have election officials shut down the polls because they claimed not enough have resources or staff to be able to complete the job.
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one voter shut out after waiting two hours with their grandson told the miami herald: after protests and those calls to let us vote, the polls did reopen and people voled until 1:00 a.m. but governor rick scott refused to extend any early voting any further, and wouldn't you know it, the areas with the longest lines, maim dade, orange, palm beach, broward county, all of those counties, shocked i know, lean democratic and they all went for the president in 2008. those voters have to contend with more than just voting regulations and ornery officials. unofficial poll watchers, many trained by the tea party group true the vote, those poll
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watchers are going into predominantly afarry can american areas searching for fraud. volunteers handing out bottled water to voters who had been in the intense heat for hours. [ governing ] >> the wore distribution was stopped because he said it could be perceived as bribery. sheet were elderly standing up to eight hours in the sun. volunteers shouldn't be allowed to hand out water to them? that set the stage for the first legal action of this election, what voters suing to extend early voting. in response, the spokesman for florida's election division said:
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>> newed has cut its early voting nearly in half since 2008 and has one of the shortest windows for early voting in the nation. governor rick scott cut early voting days from 14 to eight and eliminated early voting on the sunday before the election when souls to the polls voters pushes are normally held. 96 hours totally down from 120 in the last election. really, here's the perhaps most galling thing. republicans are now actually claiming that they are the ones being victimized. here's republican allen we have. >> i think that you're starting to see some actions already coming from the other side, because there's been an incredible turnout from republican voters on oh the
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early voting down here in florida. >> what? i don't even get that. so this republican lying and suppression and intimidation that we have seen in florida and in ohio is all the more shameful because it's so darn predictable. >> in ohio, another pivotal swing state that, republican secretary of state john husted reduced the number of early votings weekends from five to just one just one early voting weekend. that meant in akron voting lines averaged three hours long this weekend. >> the line is so crazy. somebody waited here yesterday for five hours. >> now, that wasn't the only horror story in dayton and in cincinnati and columbus, thousands of people stood in 30-degree weather for hours waiting to vote this weekend. when he was asked about these
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long lines john husted had this to say. >> in ohio, we have 35 days to vote. this is the 34th day to vote. it's very easy to vote in this state. >> very easy, as long as you have a snow suit and a tent and a spare six hours. former new jersey governor christine todd whitman summed it up beautifully. >> i do have to say that in this day and age it's absolutely inexcusable in this country we have anything like this going on. i led delegations around the world to watch voting and this is the kind of thing you expect in a 30 world country, not in the united states of america. >> good for her. good for her. when people stand in line for hours in the heat or in 30-degree cold just for the purpose of exercising this privilege of voting, you at home should be furious! and even more, you should be
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inspired. i know that i am. i mean this is america. it shouldn't be made to hard, but i just want to say thank you to those voters in florida and in ohio who have sacrificed their comfort for the sake of their nation. those of us who are in non-swing states, we really, really, really appreciate you. be stubborn, stay in line and cast your vote on our behalf! and now for insights on what's happening on the ground in the buckeye state we welcome misturner. >> thank you. i still hear your words from the d.n.c., you bad woman. mitt romney's cars get the
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elevator the workers get the shaft. >> i've seen you arguing on behalf of people who have been standing in line, having had this right stripped from them essentially or at least the ease with which they can access the right to vote. so what has been -- what is going on in ohio? just give it to us straight. >> governor, we know that the republicans here are stuck on stupid and dazzled by d.l. the fact that we would have folks trying to oppress and regress the vote in this state and across the country is shameful. i want you and your you viewers to know the folks in the state of ohio are resilient. i was there yesterday at the polls, i was there for about three hours and saw mothers and fathers, hispanics whites, blacks, everybody there together, lay people, act visits standing in line in the
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cold with trinkles of water and babies in the arms, standing there to vote. secretary of suppression tried to take away, and all the way to the supreme court trying to take away the last few days of early voting in the state of ohio. it is beyond shameful. >> he also added another requirement, right that people have to themselves as they come to the polls they've got to fill in the paperwork something that had never been done before. what can you tell us about that? >> that has to do with provisional ballots. he's breaking the ohio code in that a appeals of the form that was supposed to be filled out by poll workers he is now mandating that the voter fills that out against ohio law and if there are any blanks on that, that provisional ballot could be thrown out. what is important about that is that poorer people tend to use
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provisional ballots. not only do we have a race issue, we also have one of class. it can be discriminatory against poor people and homeless people. >> shortening of the hours you've got this effort to try to set up a barrier to somebody accessing a provisional ballot. what about the stories of potential intimidation at the polls. have they interacted with people. >> we'll see tomorrow. early volt in the state of ohio, early in person voting, so that tends to be a county election in the state of ohio. i have not heard of any intimidation from those groups as of yet. i expect tomorrow, they are in ohio, they have threatened to try to stop people from voting, but we have armies of activists and lawyers standing in the
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ready position to protect voters. not only has the secretary of state, he talked about these 35 days but doesn't tell people out of the 230 hours that one would have, 207 of those hours are during 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. over those last 35 days. >> who can do that? >> nobody who works can do that. he took away extended work hours from 4:30 to 7:30 over the last few weeks and took away the weekends. it is criminal, and for him to be the secretary of state he needs to resign, because obviously he don't want to be secretary of state. >> he certainly doesn't want to allow people to vote. there are members of his own party doing other things to allow people to vote. he is a terrible example for democracy. this rigmarole over provisional
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ballots, doesn't it mean that some of the results won't come in for days or weeks after tuesday? are we going to be on the edge of our seats for a month? >> we could governor. i'm hoping not. in 2008, we had over 206,000 professional ballots. if the vote is that close, they could make the difference. he knows exactly what he's doing, so does the governor of florida. all of them are doing this strategically and clip rhettly and all americans should be embarrassed that we live in the 21st century and you have folks using their political clout to try to suppress the votes of african-american, poor people women. >> is the president going to take ohio tomorrow? >> governor web is, because despite the foolishness and commitment to all things wrong
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ohioans gore going to show up, stay strong and turn blue for our president. >>er overcome, yes ohio. >> we will overcome, governor. >> nina turner, thank you for joining us, giving us some uplifts words. coming up, the apple did not fall far from the tree. talking about a big day for joe biden and the president. >> ballot initiatives, we're going to tell you which controversial issues are on the table and which way voters leaning. >> after the break they get bam barreled with ads telephone calls, mailers and people knocking on their door, but tomorrow, the swing state voters, may they be wise in their decision. it's election room in the war room and we are in 24 hour lackdown mode. we'll be right back. of this democracy and see your
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[ voice of dennis ] driving bonus check? every six months without an accident,
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allstate sends a check. ok. [ voice of dennis ] silence. are you in good hands? >> now to a quick look at how the presidential race stands in the swing states just hours before voting starts. more than 19 state polls out today. real clear politics provides and average for each state. florida, mitt romney is leading 50-48% according to that average. obviously the sunshine state and it's 29 electoral votes are the grand daddy of swing states.
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in hey hey. president obama is leading. in north carolina, mitt romney has an edge tort tar hill states electoral nods. in virginia, president obama and mitt romney are tied, essentially each with about 48% virginia has 18 electoral votes. the president is leading in the five remaining swing states iowa wisconsin, new hampshire colorado nevada. remember some of these averages include polls from biased sources, rasmussen and public policy polling but there is nobody i'd rather to speak to than the one woman who can make sense of all of this an tell us how it's going to play out tomorrow lynn la lake, penalty of the democratic consulting firm lake research partners. she joins us from washington d.c. linda, it is like christmas eve
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for political junkies. >> it's great to be here. you're right, it is christmas eve for those pollsters. >> it is so fun. how do you feel about tomorrow? >> i feel cautiously optimistic, but i think you had the most important story. we cannot let this election be stolen by people throwing voters away and throwing voters out. it's an outrage what's going on in states like florida and ohio. >> it is, and it's a marginal amount. if ohio is insisting on 300,000 people using provisional ballots and setting you will hurdles all of that makes a difference. what early results might predict who wins, what are you going to be watching? >> so the first state i'm going to be watching is virginia, which closes at 7:00 eastern
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tile. obviously if we win that state that's a good start. north carolina at 7:30, ohio at 7:30. one important thing to watch in ohio is how many of these votes are disputed, but also what's the level of turnout. the republicans say one of the best turn out the votes is in ohio. really watch for that's the turnout like around republicans and how many ballots are in dispute. then florida comes on at 8:00 when the has not handle closes. watch to is the vote among the non-latino cuban votes. that could predict west of the mississippi. if we win ohio and florida we're in really good shape. if these are disputes, obviously it could be a really long night. >> absolutely. while we're watching all these
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states come in in the swing states there's key senate races. we want the president to have a majority, but not just a majority but a close majority to at least try to overcome the filibuster. let's talk about some of those races. in wisconsin tommy baldwin is trying to keep senator cole's state. she is up 49%-46%. do you think the democrats can keep the seat and turn the state blue for president obama? >> i do. the fact that president obama is doing well there i think will help tammy baldwin very exciting race there. the other thing that's good there i guess scott walker beat us in the recall because the republican turnout was even higher than the democratic turn out, but in the democratic election, the students will be out in madison and milwaukee, i
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think we will win and that would be a very exciting race, an amazing woman and a smith college graduate like myself. >> there you go. let's talk about another really important race that everybody's been watching, of course is massachusetts, democratic elizabeth warren. she has a 50% to 47% edge to defeat scott brown. it's the highest profile senate race in the country. do you think she'll win? >> i do. once she pulled ahead, i don't think these departments are going to back off of her. there's only so much ticket splitting and obama is just roaring out of massachusetts. remember the states that had him as governor are rejecting him. i think that we're going to do very well there. i want to watch for what happens when people talk about elizabeth warren's future, running for president and other things. >> i know. i know whip love it, she hasn't even gotten the office yet and they're already talking about the next one. awesome. >> a race near and dear to both
7:22 pm
of our hearts, north carolina where democratic byron georgian is stepping down and rick berg is leading at the moment, heidi heitkamp, do you think she can pull it out. >> i do, but it's really close. it's just so much ticket splitting required, because romney's doing so well in that state, but she has run i think the best senate campaign in america. she has done a phenomenal job. >> i just love her dearly. we're all hoping that she pumps it out. linda, thank you so much for joining us tonight. we will be watching, and i know you will, too break out the popcorn. now a shoutout to our election coverage. tune into current tomorrow night.
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election covers begins at 8:00 eastern. vice president gore is going to be leading our analysis. i'm going to be joined by eliot spitzer and chenk uygur and june fugelsang plus much, much more. it is happening here inside the war room! up next, why don't we put joe biden and paul ryan in a room? we'll hand each of them a steel pipe and settle this election the old fashioned way. ok, maybe that's a bit much, but i really like our odds in that, but, our next guest would, as well and beau biden enters the war room, right after this break.
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right by those who gave their lives to for this country nearly 70 years ago.
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>> it's my great honor to place into nomination for the office of vice president of the united states my father, my hero, joe biden. [ applause ] >> i move to mom night by action clammation, joe biden. >> well, that's beau biden nominating his dad for a second material. besides his day job as chief law enforcement officer in delaware, beau has been barn storming his way across the country traveling to nevada, wisconsin ohio i'm sure others in support of his father and the president. tonight, we're so pleased to welcome delaware attorney general beau biden inside the war room. he's coming to us from wilmington. thank you for joining us. >> the best clip of the entire convention was yours governor. i haven't gotten to praise you
7:27 pm
on your speech, it was phenomenal. >> second only to your dad and you, that was an awesome and moving moment that you guys encountered there and that we all were witness to. obviously delaware's attorney general, and as attorney general in general the issue of voters suppression, which is really hot on our list of topics today is really big. this is not an issue in delaware, i assume. that. >> it's not. as of now, we don't have any reports of any issues and we have lawyers as you know as a former attorney general, you deploy lawyers across the state. which we're in the process of doing to represent the state and our commissioner of elections. we have no problems, knock on wood, here in delaware. >> i know you must be worried like i am a all of these efforts especially that we saw this weekend, today ohio and florida
7:28 pm
to voter suppression could be widespread enough that it might swing the election in favor of mitt romney. are you concerned? >> yeah, look, anytime there's reports and there are as we speak, of making it more difficult for people to vote, whether it be in florida or certain other reports in different states, it obviously raises concerns, both in my capacity as attorney general as well as a strong advocate for this ticket. >> i want to show, you have fought for our nation. you have been somebody who has upheld democracy in other roles. i want to show a quick clip of a wisconsin video featuring you. >> this is about priorities and guidance. president of the united states and my father understand that we need to make sure we honor our commitment to the veterans. >> you're also a jag in the delaware national guard and spent time in iraq. how do you convince members of the armed services, who often vote republican, to vote for your dad and president obama. what's your message to them?
7:29 pm
>> well, my message to veterans and military personnel all over the country and i just got back from virginia and as you know there is a huge hill tear population, we have a strong commander-in-chief. >> your dad is one of my very favorite people in the world. how is he holding up in these final days of the campaign? does he have a voice? how is he doing? >> i spoke to him last night. i think i spoke to him from, i think he was in ohio, i think ohio and he had his voice and was calling to check on me and his grandkids my kids, my wife and my kids, he'll be here tonight and we'll all vetoing my dad and i my wife and mom and my sister will be voting in philadelphia, but the four of us, we'll be voting here and getting on a plane an heading off to a final rally and finally
7:30 pm
in chicago. he's got a sixth gear. he's fired up, and, you know, he's ready for the they can 24 hours. >> thank you for joining us inside the war room, beau biden really appreciate your perspective and we're keeping our fingers crossed. >> up next, the senate, the house, the presidency. we know the stakes are high but those aren't the only things you're going to be voting on. we're going to look at some of the controversial ballot initiatives right after the break. only time you can get to a polling place. make sure that voting is your highest priority on election day. besides, you can always dvr my show. you really cant' dvr the future of the country. to help you make informed decisions, watch current tv's politically direct lineup. only on current tv. so vote and vote smart.
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♪ ♪ >> this is promised land. snow. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> that is the boss. that is the promised land. that is bruce springsteen playing to a crowd in des moines iowa, the site of president obama's last campaign rally of the 2012 campaign. the president's expected to speak in just a little bit but we had to share some bruce with you, some bruce love inside the war room, very nostalgic. tuesday, voters are going to decide not only our next president, but weigh in on some of the most important issues, one the biggest is marriage equality on the ballot in maine maryland washington and in those states, the push is to legalize gay marriage, but in minnesota, there is an initiative to ban it.
7:36 pm
now polls show that the battles are tight in all four states, but there do appear to be majority's supporting gay marriage in maine and in washington state. in maryland, it's looking really, really close because that state's governor o'malley has made a push for the effort, but the biggest hurdle has been convincing the state's large african-american community to support it. martin luther king, jr.'s niece alvita put out this ad against it. >> i understand the civil rights struggle. during the movement, we were working for taxes education housing, jobs and health care. as a minister, i believe that the naacp leadership and gay rights activists have folder an unholy alliance trying to convince us that marriage needs to be redefine. we did not define marriage and cannot redefine marriage. >> joins us now within the great carl fritsch.
7:37 pm
welcome back inside the war room. >> good evening governor. >> how do you think tomorrow that the states are going to side on the issue of marriage equality since there are so many of those on the ballot? >> well, you know to quote joe biden, this is a really b.f.d. it's a big deal. only one time have voters not approved a ban on same-sex marriage. that was in arizona and two years later they approved it, so the chance at a lgbt activists and those that support simple human dignity and gay rights have to approve marriage equality in washington, maryland and maine, i think is historic and i think it's very likely in those three states, particularly in maine and in washington. >> well, you alluded to this a little bit but there is some
7:38 pm
significance to having a ballot initiative on gay marriage pass. they have come from state ledge atures or the courts. what would a vote by the electorate at large symbolize? >> i think it would symbolize a shift. one of the talking paints we heard from antti gay bigots tort last several years is i'm not a bigot, even obama's against marriage equality. they don't have that talking point anymore and now rely on the simple fact, they say 30 plus states, the voters have spoken. they denied marriage equality. they're not bigots. are you calling them bigots? we have a very high probability that one or two, we are happens three of those states are going to affirm the rights of ldbt people that they have the same rights to marriage. i think that's a remarkable feat. you played alveda king.
7:39 pm
she's more of a mail order reverendship. martin luther iii promotes marriage equality as does president obama. i think that will go a long way in maryland. >> that's one of the issues we'll be watching. there's other ballot initiatives. there are seven states that have initiatives regarding losenning restrictions on marv, colorado, oregon and washington would allow the use of marv for non-medical purposes, regulating them like alcohol. do any of them have a chance of passing? >> i think washington and colorado have a good chance. what it's really coming down to in those states is women. with mothers who got the prohibition in this country and it could be mothers that could keep us from having legalized marv.
7:40 pm
it looks like young people, it's a generation thing but men support legalized marijuana. in colorado, it looks like it's going to pass, very close. obviously that could help the president. in washington, had the initiative passing by 16 points. i think romney should be talking about this stuff as much as possible. he's going to need to go someplace to smoke something to deal with it. >> something tells me he doesn't want to touch it with a 10-foot pole. i understand what you're saying about women. mothers worried about their kids or they think marijuana is a gateway drug i bet you that's a big barrier in those states, but something tells me it's going to pass overwhelmingly. there's a series of issues, idaho, california and alabama have propositions that accounted limit collective bargaining, and then michigan has an initiative
7:41 pm
that would put collective bargaining rights into the constitution. how do you think this election could impact union rights? obviously this may be slowing from what we saw with scott walker in wisconsin. >> right i think california's posed to reject that initiative and should. workers have a storied history in california of standing up for working families and i think will remain able to be able to be politically active. in large part, the attacks of mitt romney on the american auto industry have fueled interest in that campaign and created excitement. bam become that's a right to work state. i haven't seen much from the campaign but assume the people supporting it, it goes something like jesus didn't like to organize. [ laughter ] >> you know, he had 13 apostles with him. >> you are too funny.
7:42 pm
carl, thank you so much for joining us inside the war room. i know you are excited for tomorrow. i only wish you would be here with us. >> the bunting is up, the flags are being unfurled. there are new yorkers and los angeles residents loose in the war room. you will only find them in the war room tonight right here on current tv.
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>> you're back inside the war room. joining me now is former new york governor and host of view, eliot spitzer. at the big board is our epic politics man, michael shure. it's time to play our favorite game the electoral map app. michael, you're going to tell us the significance of the number cb323 is. >> 323 not just a los angeles area code, which it is, guys. i feel like that is the number
7:46 pm
that at the end of the night tampa barack obama will have in electoral votes and i am giving him, i am giving mitt romney colorado and giving the president florida. >> that is big! >> north carolina, that goes to mitt, but doesn't matter. >> you're giving him florida. >> i'm giving him florida. i think the trend in polling in florida over the last week is showing that with the early voting and with the spontaneous voting that's happened in the wake of seeing the president be the president as we have for the last week, i see florida going up. >> i love it. eliot, what would you take or add. >> i hope you're right obviously, but i'm not quite sure about florida he doesn't need it. >> you give florida to mitt romney and the president is reelected. >> you agree with him on colorado? >> colorado's a swing but i think ohio, virginia, michigan, wisconsin are pretty solid.
7:47 pm
i don't see how mitt romney threads the needle even if he does take florida. >> it's a tough road for mitt romney. he can't win the presidency on an ordinary night without ohio. he knows that. he is campaigning now in pennsylvania because of that. i think you're beginning to see a little bit of a leak. >> i agree that he's got that the president is going to win. i think it's 303 and would put colorado in the president's camp but we'll see. >> tonight just remember, tonight in dicksville they're going to be voting. >> do you think there's a chance that he ends up losing the popular vote? >> i do. what we're seeing is that in some of the other states like texas he may see an outpouring of conservative votes that will kill the popular vote.
7:48 pm
i think they're maybe undercounting some areas. >> hurricane sandy you just came from new york, you know what it is. you are from new york. >> new york is such a blue state, it is going to go for the president. >> the popular vote, does it take some percentage away? >> it will be minimal, because the regions in the communities that were hurt devastated and our hearts go out to him are numerically small. the outpouring for the president will be huge in new york. >> i want to play an ad and get your reaction to it. take a listen. >> president obama promised to begin to slow the rise of the oceans. my promise is to help you and your family. [ cheers and applause ]
7:49 pm
>> so i love this ad, because it's brutal, and it really shows the utter, you know, the utter lack of adherence to science that the republicans have, and it shows how the romney campaign has not been supportive of fema as well as the lack of respect for climate change. do you think michael, i didn't know you've seen it, eliot you've heard it, do you think it's effective? >> i think it's more than effective. i think it stops you in your steps when you're watching it. when you see a crowd of people and they amplify the crowd there, you know, demeaning essentially science and then you see the results of what the scientists are telling you i think it's a devastating ad. >> that was actually mitt romney's best moment in his speech, because he was saying to
7:50 pm
the public, we have this president who speaks in grand language grand thoughts, promises grand things, but hasn't delivered what you really need which is something on the table. the emotions were very real. i think you're right. they elevated the sound at the moment but i remember watching the convention, he sort of was piercing the bubble of what had made us love barack obama and brought him down to makeling him a mere mortal. it did work in a bizarre way. >> it was a tough moment at the convention for me to watch because i saw the reaction of the republican crowd which was very positive and unfortunately we are out of time you guys. but next time, i'll see you plenty tomorrow night. we'll be able to have that conversation. >> up next, clean and simple, my final thoughts on the choices facing america tomorrow. presents special election coverage, with unrivaled social media, straight from the campaigns, the pundits, and from
7:51 pm
viewers like you. with exclusive analysis and commentary from al gore, someone who knows a thing or two about close elections. >> overall, it was a clear win. >> now that's politically direct. >> so keep on tweeting and maybe you'll have your voice be part of this democracy and see your tweets up on our screen.
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>>i jump out of my skin at people when i'm upset. they're doing this corruption based on corruption. >>that's an understatement, eliot. >> viewers of the show, you know how i feel about mitt romney. i don't want to waste my breath on it. i want to talk about you. tomorrow morning i want you to wake up and tell those undecided and apathetic voters that their
7:54 pm
country needs them. they have one civic duty as a citizen and they should show the men and women who wear a uniform that those men and women are fighting for something worthwhile. so ask that apathetic voter to imagine a president that looked like john f. kennedy and then tell them to imagine that that president insured that all americans can now get health care without worrying about it bankrupts him. under his leadership, america's most feared enemy was killed. imagine that this president got us out of two wars. imagine that he had won a nobel prize and resurrected the world's opinion of america. imagine a president who even when it was unpopular saved the backbone of american manufacturing, the auto industry and it's million middle class jobs when it was most fragile. imagine that president who
7:55 pm
reformed wall street, protected consumers and reformed education so every child in america was taking a college prep curriculum in high school. imagine this young president ending sanctioned discrimination in the military and pay discrimination for women in the workplace. imagine that this man had arrived in the midst of the biggest economic crisis since the great depression and still had created almost 5.5 million private sector jobs while slowing government spending to its lowest levels in 60 years. imagine this young president had ushered in record highs in consumer confidence in the stock market, in business profits and in new housing starts. i bet you tomorrow's on the fence voters might think that such a president could only be imaginary, some fictional hero. if you had told them that barack obama was going to do all those things four years ago, they would have said that is not
7:56 pm
possible, but look what he's done! that's my president and your president. he has achieved so much, and with a congress that's hell bent on his defeat. so take that apathetic voter forthwith to the nearest voting booth. there are 90 million people who choose to stay home, even after all this nation has been through, and even after all this president has done, so you're mission, your duty is to pull them out of their apathy, to wash the cobwebs of sleep from their eyes, to pull them on to their leaden feet and carry them on your back if you have to and get them to the polls. we're at war for the future of the country. in this war room, this show has been about the battles over our country's future, so fellow
7:57 pm
warriors, now is the moment to take up your arms and get to your precinct battle stations. in 2008, we changed the guard. in 2012, we guard the change. let's do this! have a great night everybody and we'll see you back here tomorrow night.
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